About inkfish

Welcome to our studio

inkfish was created in Santa Monica, California in 1996 by co-owners (and sister-in-laws) Lisa Garza-Hillman & Kimberly Hillman. For over 20 years, they have dedicated themselves to the pursuit of intelligent, creative, cost-effective design and marketing solutions. Their wide range of clients, each with specific needs and vision, has given them the opportunity to explore and produce graphic systems tailored to individual budgets and target audiences.

After several moves, 5 children (including a set of twins in each of their families!) and many “furry” dependents (8 dogs, 4 cats, 2 guinea pigs, 1 rabbit & 1 horse) between them, Lisa & Kim now have 2 inkfish studios in Northern California – Lisa (& family) on the Mendocino Coast and Kim (& family) in Sonoma County.

inkfish  continues to pursue clients and projects that both challenge and inspire. It also provides custom letterpress printing through it’s sister company Clo Mor Press.

Solar powered since 2007

{pictured left to right: Miranda the pup, Lisa and Kim, circa 1996}

What we do?

Creative and consistent graphic systems and branding across multiple platforms — identity systems, brochures and marketing collateral, web sites, e-newsletters, presentations, and packaging.

Our Approach

The inkfish approach is systematic and highly creative. By exploring typography, illustration styles, photography, unique formats, color palettes and digital/web applications, we strive to create a strong, flexible foundation for effective and consistent marketing collateral.

Why us?

Consistency within your system is essential. Without it, a company’s identity and message may become diluted and ineffective. As designers, consistent, creative, cost-effective solutions are our objective.

The Inkfish Team

Lisa Garza-Hillman, principal/designer, inkfish design

Lisa Garza-Hillman

Principal / Designer

Kim Hillman, principal/designer, inkfish design

Kimberly Hillman

Principal / Designer